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This map shows the paths of every hurricane and cyclone detected since 1842. Nearly 12,000 tropical cyclones have been tracked and recorded, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration keeps them all in a single database. via Pocket

Special ALT Characters§ The chart below is a graphic image of how all the characters should look.  View the HTML version. Note:  Not all programs, applications and browsers will recognize all of the Special ALT Characters. via Pocket

Like most computer users, at one point or another, you’ve either performed a clean install on your machine or simply could not get Windows to identify a device installed on your computer. Fortunately in this months’ edition of TechNet magazine there’s an article on PCIDatabase. via Pocket

Many companies want to sell you “memory optimizers,” often as part of “PC optimization” programs. These programs are worse than useless — not only will they not speed up your computer, they’ll slow it down. via Pocket

A6UZ’s desktop is a bit more like a heads-up display than many of the others we’ve seen, with useful information ringed around a center workspace and a wallpaper that seems to stretch back into infinity. via Pocket

Windows 8 comes bundled with some pretty cool images for your lock screen and Start screen backgrounds, but they’re stored deep within the bowels of Windows’ system files. Here’s how to get the original images for yourself. The lock screen images are easy: those are stored in C:\Windows\Web. via Pocket

Dogs don’t have the best of boundaries and that certainly applies with skunks. If your dog gets sprayed, you can remove the stench with a simple bit of chemistry. High school chemistry teacher Sally B. via Pocket

The NVIDIA Shield is a cool new device that lets you wirelessly play your existing PC games on a handheld device. Linus Tech Tips shows us how to make your own version with an Android phone and an Xbox 360 controller. via Pocket

Tags: Ground Zero Clyde Lewis James Gilliland Evolution Revolution Atheism Syria ECETI via Pocket

Wildfire spreads in southern California. Flooding swaps part of the midsection. Terror threat spreads to Pakistan. CBS News Correspondent Steve Kathan has today’s World News Roundup. via Pocket
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