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In a report Symantec “found security risks in a large number of self-tracking devices and applications,” including the finding that “all of the wearable activity-tracking devices examined, including those from leading brands,are vulnerable to location tracking. via Pocket

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A researcher at the University of North Texas has just created a new tool to crack down on ID theft, trace criminals, and help in the fight against cancer. KRLD’s Kelli Wiese reports the US military and Department of Justice are already using it. via Pocket

Two years ago many of us were terrified by the possibility of the world coming to an end on December 21st, 2012. We are all still here for now. Tonight on Ground Zero, Guest James Horak shows us what we missed and could be coming next in ‘DOOMSDAY SUNSHINE!’ via Pocket

Tags: grilled cheese A restaurant chain uses high-tech to make and deliver grilled cheese sandwiches and even program restaurant music to suit the customer’s taste via Pocket

A new treatment using the natural power of cold to stop nerves from signaling pain is now available to patients with knee pain. As WWL’s Don Ames reports, it basically puts an ice pack on nerves under the skin. via Pocket

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Monday Lag

Feeling just a little off today at work? You may be suffering from “The Monday Lag”. Here’s WWL’s Dave Cohen. via Pocket

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