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Burglar With Baby

Authorities in suburban New Orleans say a seven-month-old baby is lucky she wasn’t injured after her parents allegedly took her along when he went to commit a crime. WWL’s Dave Cohen tells us what happened. via Pocket

Tonight on Ground Zero! The beheading of the Woman in Oklahoma and the Satanic Ritual about to take place in Oklahoma City could be connected to ‘THE DARK COMMAND OF AHRIMAN!’ via Pocket

Tonight on Ground Zero, we take the red pill and look down the rabbit hole in ‘COUNTING HEADS: THE HORROR OF THE LOOKING GLASS WAR!’ via Pocket

Tonight on Ground Zero Greg Bishop of the UFO Documentary Mirage Men joins Clyde Lewis to talk about the long history of disinformation. From UFO sightings to mass shootings, information can be bent with lies. You can’t always trust the ‘INTELLIGENCE MAN!’ via Pocket

Whitman rifle for sale

A rifle advertised as one used in the 1968 University of Texas Tower mass murder is up for sale. KRLD’s Barbara Schwarz reports. via Pocket

Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis will dig deep into the mysteries surrounding The ‘SHEMITAH: THE BLACK SEPTEMBER SABBATH!’ via Pocket

Senator Keg Stand

A senator from Louisiana is defending herself after she was captured on camera helping a man do a “keg stand.” WWL’s Dave Cohen says this comes as the incumbent fights to retain her seat on Capitol Hill. via Pocket

In 1972 the Terrorist Group named Black September murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Today we are dealing with a new Islamic threat in the month of September. Tonight on Ground Zero the 9th month of the year is ‘BLACK SEPTEMBER!’ via Pocket

San Francisco Car Thefts

Gone in 60 seconds? Car thieves struck at least three auto dealerships in Silicon Valley, driving off with lots of expensive cars. KCBS radio reporter Matt Bigler has more… via Pocket

A recent Intel dump has relieved evidence that the CIA has been manipulating the News Media to their own will. Tonight on Ground Zero we dig through The ‘INTELLIGENCE DUMP!’ via Pocket
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