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Samsung’s new 5. via Pocket

The Eye in the Sky is now a reality. Not only are we being watched, but we are also being heard and targeted from space. via Pocket

Eyefi has been around awhile but the company is moving beyond simply providing an SD card that lets you transfer photos via WiFi. Now it’s about synching your photos to your phone, your computers and the cloud. To learn more, Larry Magid sat down with Eyefi CEO Matt DiMaria. via Pocket

There have been a number of news events that have transpired and lent themselves to predictive programming and synchronicity. The most recent being the tragic shooting of an anchorwoman and cameraman in Virginia, which has earmarks of hyper reality and revelation of the method. via Pocket

Besides the concern of the Fukushima radiation fallout profoundly affecting sea life in the Pacific Ocean, we now hear major aquifers in the U.S. are contaminated with high levels of Uranium. via Pocket

GOP Presidential candidate and billionaire businessman Donald Trump has created quite a stir with the American public and media. via Pocket

Within the past couple of weeks, there have been several suspicious explosions or possible bombings in China and Japan. Are we seeing the start of a covert or “dirty” war between China and the U.S. via Pocket

Geopolitical tensions are escalating as Iran and North Korea are indicating they have a “secret weapon.” A sudden electromagnetic pulse weapon attack upon America is quite possible as US missile defenses are vulnerable. via Pocket

There appears to be an increased amount of media coverage about how the human race should be accepting of extra-terrestrials. If they are real, what does this mean for humanity, consciousness, and our evolving world view? On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with E.T. via Pocket

Epson is changing the way people pay for printers and ink. Their new Ecotank line of printers are higher prices but the cost of ink is close to zero a page. via Pocket
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