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A recent news article states that Paxil should not have been prescribed in teens to treat depression, according to a new study. Sadly, the detrimental side effects from anti-depressants have been suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry. via Pocket

Today, NASA confirmed water is on Mars. However, many scientists have provided ample evidence in the past to substantiate the existence of H2O on the Red Planet. via Pocket

Identify theft can be a serious problem for victims. It can destroy your credit, get you in trouble with the IRS and sometimes even result in your arrest if someone commits a crime in your name. And it affects kids, starting at a very young age. via Pocket

Today, Pope Francis met at Ground Zero in New York with spiritual leaders of all faiths. The Vicar of Christ was also at the United Nations, advocating the 2030 Agenda. via Pocket

NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden suggested alien communications might be encrypted so well that humans trying to eavesdrop on extra-terrestrials would have no idea they were hearing anything but noise. via Pocket

Throughout history, we have seen intriguing comparisons regarding the UFO/alien phenomenon with profound religious experiences. As Pope Francis addresses the United Nations, will he disclose the secret of the second coming in relation to the arrival of our cosmic ancestors? On tonight’s show, E. via Pocket

Pope Fiat by CBS Radio News

We’re learning more about the small black car the Pope has been traveling in while in the US. WWJ’s Laura Bonnell reports. via Pocket

CERN will be ramping up tomorrow, with much speculation as to what will transpire. via Pocket

The controversial case of Ahmed Mohamed, a 14 year old boy from Texas who brought a clock device to school that looked like a bomb, has the media propagating anti-Muslim sentiment with the “terrorist” stereotype. via Pocket

There appears to be a conspiracy against doctors and naturopaths who are making significant gains in the battle against cancer and autism. Since this goes against the grain with Big Pharma, several are ending up dead, missing, or, in hiding. via Pocket
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