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Go to Walmart for “Gun” oil, kids say the darndest things, where to find a very very large bra, and you must go Target for great Christmas Music…. Maybe…. via Pocket

With the holiday season in full-swing, political correctness has now somehow brainwashed the younger generations into believing that offensive speech, sarcastic speech, racial jokes, and even any speech that is fired at minorities should be banned. via Pocket

The Green Bean Casserole: It catapulted into the framework of America, at least on Thanksgiving. KIRO Reporter Sara Lerner, in Seattle, explains how it all began. via Pocket

Well tonights show started with tech issues all around! From Crystal sounding like she was in a bathroom to Mack’s squeaky doors, and the sound going dead for 2minutes (it’s edited out in the final cut of the podcast sorry. via Pocket

Today’s geopolitical climate is evidently producing terror and fear. Does history spit out patterns in terror and is it everywhere and omnipotent? The historical pattern in play is like a fractured mirror reflecting a warped sense of role reversal. via Pocket

There’s an official report warning us of the dangers from microwaves. Are we now to wear a tin foil hats? Are they reporting accurate information or is this a form of damage control? On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with electronics expert, Roger Tolces in a ‘PUDDLE IN A MICROWAVE!’ via Pocket

It’s been 52 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. via Pocket

Tonight is going to be an amazing show! In the second half hour, we will be speaking to Zoltan Istvan, a fascinating futurist and proponent of the concept of transhumanism. Here is a wonderful article on Zoltan in Medium that you might want to read when you get a chance. via Pocket

Breaking up is hard to do, but Facebook is at least making it a little easier to avoid running into your ex-partner online. via Pocket

It appears that Disney incorporates a form of predictive programming and Revelation of the Method when it comes to a few of there recent movies regarding “Breakaway Civilizations.” Moreover, they echo some of NASA’s recent discoveries along with a glimpse of their secret society affiliations. via Pocket
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