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Language shapes perception. Perception drives actions. Language, both spoken and unspoken, is vital to creating actions to guarantee a safe and secure world. It is vital because we know that words and actions matter. via Pocket

It appears 2015 was a banner year for demonic haunting and ghost appearances cited in the mainstream media. Recently, the Northwest Ghost Recon were joined by Roger’s girlfriend, Cassie in the investigation at Renner’s Grill – the results were compelling and horrifying. via Pocket

Singing about peace and goodwill and then cheering onward now the post Yuletide peril is pathetic and makes Christmas a hollow celebration of a man who preached peace and plenty in a world of intellectual and spiritual famine. via Pocket

Tonight we will just relax, talk up a storm with brave souls who call in and generally kick back, kick some new ideas around, and kick the old year to the curb. Thanks, in advance, for listening! ? via Pocket

Live tonight tonight was Zodwriter, Tha Jackal, Johnny Alpha, and the Compassionate Wolf. The STAR WARS train keeps rolling along, and this week we will go on about it until we get called by K1 who had to come clean, and tell us how he felt about The Force Awakens. via Pocket

Happy Holidays!! Here come Ambidextrous Worms, Machismo for Men, Baby cuffs for Blood Pressure, and another type of skin care for women…. It will make them look younger and men love it too!! via Pocket

There are many reports that another asteroid will be passing above the Earth on Christmas Eve. These rocks are getting much closer to the Earth and are happening in greater frequency which may mean that something out there — something huge is pushing debris our way. via Pocket

Welcome to this weeks edition of Skywatchers Radio with Angel, Crystal, and Alan the other guy. This week we talk Star Wars, and celebrate the Force being back! Plus the holiday known as Festivus! Yes tonight there will be an airing of grievances. via Pocket

Do we really know who Jesus is? Do we really need an embellished picture or greeting card to give us faith? If the romanticism of Jesus is what fuels your faith, then perhaps it will serve you until you find out the truth. via Pocket

It appears this time of the year, there are a plethora of movies depicting an apocalyptic god-like figure to save mankind from utter despair and destruction. Good and evil are safely acted out in the darkness of a theater and absorbed in the unconscious mind. via Pocket
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