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Join Tim Swartz and Wm. Michael Mott with our guest Peter Robbins. Investigative writer Peter Robbins spent years investigating the story of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, his early work with Sigmund Freud in Vienna and his discovery of Orgone Energy its connection to psychology, sexuality and the universe. via Pocket

Thousands of security experts from around the world gather in San Francisco this week for the 25th annual RSA cyber security conference. via Pocket

Your Hosts WooWoo and Plucky diverge into a random conversation about random things. WooWoo gives a gold star to The Dropship Podcast and the TV Show The 100 a conversation that digresses into why Scandal now sucks, and their stalker fanatic love of Tatiana Maslany and the show Orphan Black. via Pocket

Many of the presidential candidates appear to suffer from a messianic or Apotheosis complex. Some of them believe they’re ordained by God to be President. via Pocket

MQTA S2 E42….. You will WANT to be a driving instructor!! Super Hero Condoms!! Do you know what else a tow-bar can be used for? Do you have a Light Saber in your pocket? via Pocket

Tim and Mike are happy to welcome Jane Rodriguez to the show, when we will discuss a number of mysteries that fascinate humanity! Jane has been featured in FATE magazine, written for a town’s newspaper, and has contributed free-lance journalistic work on-line, for instance the fashion magazine Be via Pocket

With the advent of transhumanism, synthetic biology and ectogenesis, a baby can develop in an artificial environment, from fertilization to birth. This procedure obviously raises many philosophical, political and social questions regarding the manipulated evolution of “Homo Novo. via Pocket

Apple and the government are arguing their cases in a court of law and the court of public opinion. via Pocket

Loud, anomalous sounds, peculiar booms, strange humming and seemingly supernatural thunder are being reported with greater frequency worldwide while frightening people into thinking it’s the end times. via Pocket

Join Angel, Alan, Crystal, Chris and Danny as they welcome back other than Christopher P. Garetano live on Skywatchers Radio to talk about his new movie Bigfoot! Christopher P. via Pocket
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