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Lock Down Your Login

Just ahead of October’s Cyber Security Awareness Month, the White House and the National Cyber Security Alliance teamed up to promote LockDownYourLogin with a website and a song. via Pocket

Scott Marlowe has been working in the cryptids field for over 30 years collecting and analyzing accounts of strange animal encounters and legends about enigmatic creatures from his travels. via Pocket

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SET WEAPONS FOR STUN The situation in America is critical as some say it is becoming terminal and the sickening reruns of viral videos and situations being viewed on the internet are creating tension and anger. via Pocket

by published on 2016-09-23T07:18:44Z EQUINOX AMERICAN FALL There have been many times on this show where I have said that some sort of political priest craft is happening in the country and that subtle Luciferian doctrines and practices have certainly been revived and that they conjure examples via Pocket

American Author and dynamic Speaker WILL CHAMPION is the creator of the provocative E-Book Conspiracy Thriller, “THE DREAMLAND FILES” (sold exclusively at this website! After hearing their stories, Champion became an incurable conspiracy addict, and clearly understood why most townspeople in the kn via Pocket

A bold new investigation into Bigfoot is about to take place in order to find the scientific evidence needed to substantiate the existence of this elusive hominoid, while securing official recognition and providing them with legal protection. via Pocket

Don Smith & Crystal Storm join me (Josesph Todd) and Victoria Ruiner live on The ZodWriter Show to discuss some amazing stuff they have written. via Pocket

The blockbuster TV series, Stranger Things was originally to be titled, “Montauk.” Montauk was known to be used for MK Ultra experiments, portal openings, time travel and other “stranger things. via Pocket
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