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President Trump appears to have more enemies whose hatred for him is stronger than any president in history. And his enemies are more powerful, and perhaps more desperate, than any president has ever had. via Pocket

Tonight Jesse & Angel bring on good friend Rich Giordano of the “Rich Giordano Show” which airs right here on PSN RADIO. The topic at hand is of course the state of ufology! But also we wanted to bring up the moon landing, and if it was or not a hoax. via Pocket

“Paranormal for Dummies! Dummy!” Learn how to Paranormal tonight with Rich G! This show will keep you wide awake. NOT! via Pocket

Science fiction becomes science fact and conspiracy theory again becomes truth. What was once speculation now has all the data to show that many governments have been using ionospheric heaters as weapons. via Pocket


MQTA S2 E99….. 8 inches is worth millions…. And she will cut you off if you won’t let her have a threesome with someone she met at the dog park!! Adrian tells us what gives him the willies…. via Pocket

Science is softening its stance on life in space, however, while confirmation of alien life is becoming a constant at this time, there is still some apprehensive containment of the information that is being doled out here in the United States as NASA wishes to have the monopoly on just what isn’t via Pocket

While the scientific world is discovering the many different factors which go into determining how happy a person will be, throughout history we have been told by the greatest philosophers and religious leaders what to avoid in order to be happy. The No. via Pocket

Over the past three decades, there has been an accelerated development of genetic technology, leading to its use in human genetic identification for many purposes. via Pocket

Join Angel, Crystal, and Alan as we have Arizona Tramp join us in hour number 2 to give us an update on what he’s doing down in the swamp. Also we have big earth shattering news from one of our own co-hosts. Yes folks times a changing! via Pocket

The Cold War is now beginning to look a bit colder now and the game of spy vs. spy isn’t just between Russia and the West, but between agents of the Deep State that wish to utilize a third world war to deliver a World Order packaged with a bow to the globalist super state. via Pocket
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