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NordVPN, a virtual private network service, is offering people in Turkey 5 days free service because of the governments recent,t decision to ban Wikipedia. via Pocket

As we come to the close of the Season of Sacrifice and culminating with Walpurgis and Beltane, the powers that are beholden to other powers are very careful to include hints and clues as to what their plans are through the icons they choose to include and the names they wish to utter in order to fo via Pocket

Neo-liberal racism or extremism of any variety becomes very ugly, very quickly. The so-called social justice warriors are simply the mirror image of right-wing extremists. However, it appears to be permitted when the left does it, while it is considered deplorable when the right does it. via Pocket

Tonight on the show Jesse & Angel did a break down on people who claim to be “Targeted Individuals” and singled out on this show is one Solaris BlueRaven who was a past guest on the show. That episode didn’t end well, and tonight talk about it! via Pocket

The ubiquitous strategy of tension has now evolved into a conspiracy of brinkmanship; not because it doesn’t cause tension for the perceived enemy, but it also creates stress in the populace. via Pocket

At the decline of the Roman Empire, its citizens could not see their existence in its societal twilight. As history often repeats itself, America is also headed to the point of no return and eminent collapse. via Pocket

Join Angel & Alan as they welcome Dennis Crenshaw! Join the Skywatchers Crew as we talk about all things ufology! News, Blast through the A-Hole, and much more! Our main guest tonight is the one, and only Dennis Crenshaw who joins the crew during the 2nd hour to give us an update on what he’s been via Pocket

Trump Administration officials will hold a rare briefing on Wednesday at the White House for the entire U.S. Senate on the situation in North Korea. Kim Un Jong has been kicking the fence by doing his nuclear tests after he has been told to stop. via Pocket


MQTA S2 E105…..  Squirrel Anonymous….    Beefy Bloke got savagely rejected by a topless woman…….   Delta Airlines likes to leave you a present in your Blanket and if you bring your own maybe you can get a free flight….  Did you know that women can grow teeth down “there”….. via Pocket

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a quiz about people whose names are words. For example, if he asks, “Is the comedian who was one of the Three Amigos vertically challenged?” you’d answer with name of a funny man whose last name is also an adjective. via Pocket
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