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Something as mysterious as #QAnon is developing a technocult of followers that can be dangerous for those who wish to dabble in conspiracy theory and analysis. It is conspiracy theory spun by algorithm and augmented intelligence and possibly used as a psy-op tool in the propaganda wars. via Pocket

Ectogenesis, or development outside the natural womb, has already been shown to preserve premature lambs, and xenotransplantation biotechnologies used to produce human-pig chimeras could be applied to other animals to generate, say, a cow with a human uterus. via Pocket

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Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s brain teaser involves puzzling out clues to words beginning with de-. For example: Hey, how can our team play baseball when somebody has quite literally stolen second? via Pocket

Our conversation about Spanish idioms involving food prompted a tweet from Tijuana, Mexico: del plato a la boca, se cae la sopa, or between the dish and the mouth, the soup spills, or don’t count your chickens before they hatch. via Pocket

Sugar weather refers to a period of time during the spring in Canada marked by warm days and cold nights, when the sap starts running in the trees. via Pocket

On our Facebook group, Brett asks: What do you call a society run by rabbits? A carrotocracy? How about a whatsupdocracy? via Pocket

The children’s game of frozen statues putting players in awkward poses, which they must then hold for a while. This outdoor pastime has many variations and goes by many names, including falling statues, swinging statues, squat-where-you-be, statue makers, and game of statues. via Pocket

In the 1970s, physicists predicted the discovery of two quarks called T and B for top and bottom. Some poetically-minded physicists argued that the T and B quarks should instead be called Truth and Beauty, but the terms top and bottom eventually won out. terms. via Pocket

published on A proverb about what family members learn from each other: Parents teach their children to talk; children teach their parents silence. http://waywordradio. via Pocket
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