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Scientists had originally thought that the cigar-shaped object, Oumuamua, was a very strange passing asteroid. But a number of recent findings have led scientists engaged in the search for alien life to wonder whether it might actually be an “artifact” from an alien civilization. via Pocket

MQTA S3 E15 SC Intro

MQTA S3 E15…. via Pocket

The mainstream narrative is now pushing a civil war agenda – and the intelligence apparatus is all too willing to binge watch and listen to anyone that will plot against this country. It is to ensure that as technology advances, the Constitution does not fall by the wayside. via Pocket

Could an unknown infectious agent be responsible for an increasing rate of instability and mental illness? Are we also seeing a possible viral infestation that triggers each of us to manifest seemingly demonic activity, and is it responsible for the numerous reports of demonic possession? On tonigh via Pocket

We are in a Civility War because the powerful who seek globalism want to see America eat itself. And with a Civility War, we will all be seen as extremist criminals begging to be controlled by an outside source. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks about CIVILITY WAR. via Pocket

The Space Force has been under scrutiny for integrating the proposed department’s joint war fighting functions in the solar system; however, the planetary defense department has made some quick moves to explore the threat of Apollo or Apollyon class asteroids that could impact the planet. via Pocket

In his collection of essays, A Temple of Texts, writer William Gass observed: The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” http://waywordradio. via Pocket

Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s quiz involves words and phrases that the late writer Tom Wolfe helped popularize. For example, what phrase is associated with Wolfe’s 1979 book with a title that might be paraphrased as Just What Is Needed? via Pocket

On Twitter, @mollybackes notes that in Wisconsin, a Tyme machine dispenses cash, not time travel. via Pocket

Boustrophedonic writing goes from right to left, then left to right, then right to left again. This term derives from Greek word bous, meaning “ox,” also found in bucolic and bulimia (literally, ox hunger) and strophe, meaning turn, like the downward turn that is a catastrophe. via Pocket
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