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Right after the Trump and Putin summit in Helsinki, CNN interviewed what appeared to be mostly ex-CIA and NSA operatives to provide biased commentary about the historic meeting. Furthermore, this isn’t about Trump, his personality, or his other policies. via Pocket

If God is relatively more knowing and powerful than we are, then by basic definition, God is an extraterrestrial intelligence. via Pocket


MQTA S3 E17…. Can you imagine what a reaction is when a politician gets slapped in the face with a weenis…. via Pocket

With Mars at its closest on July 27th and the eclipsed Red Moon, the signs of the ages are here again as the lunar eclipse is mainly influenced by Mars, making this an emotionally challenging eclipse. via Pocket

There is a growing fear that a sonic weapon attack will occur with President Trump’s upcoming summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland on Monday. via Pocket

With the arrival of Smart Cities, which can be described as an Orwellian surveillance state implemented with the 5G Internet of Things, a new type of Artificial Intelligence has been developed that will be implemented in closed circuit cameras that will be able to detect your phenotype. via Pocket

This episode is all about predictions and speculation for the upcoming San Diego ComicCon! Oscar Benjamin joins The ZodWriter Show as special guest co-host! via Pocket

The concept of impermanence leads to various wild ideas we can drift into and with fringe analysis, we can look through the glass darkly – a sort of black slate apotheca. Moreover, the soul is a perspective, not a substance. via Pocket

The idea of technological godhood and its advantages is already being acclimated through social engineering. This Techtopia does not come for free. One has to pay a heavy price for the ticket to this supposed Heaven on Earth. via Pocket


MQTA S3 E16…. Dead Men can have babies and Adrian wants his own hair…. via Pocket
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