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So tomorrow is the big event – the Virgo convergence, September 23rd. It is the event that we are told happens once every 7000 years. I have called it the Virgo convergence and there have been some that have turned it into their ministry. They have turned it into their crusade. via Pocket

MQTA S2 E123 SC1

MQTA S2 E123   A sheriff was doing “research” at work by looking at nude women to find identifying tattoos (uh huh)…. via Pocket

When the total eclipse of the Sun occurred last month, I was in a nice rural area in Oregon which was an excellent spot to be in the path of totality. It was a quite spot, plenty of trees, wild turkeys and other forest creatures in the area. via Pocket

Never has the United States power elite been subject to such monumental changes in composition and direction during the first year of a new presidency. via Pocket

Lately, there have been a flap of weird lights sightings all over the country and while many of them can be written off as meteors or flares, the fireballs are amazingly bright – others seem that have that mysterious black budget triangle look with the bright lights over a dark city. via Pocket

Returning after Hurricane IRMA we was to be joined by our good friend Mr Robert Morningstar but due to a certain living legend he made it a bit late, and joined Angel & Alan as the show was closing out but he will join us next show from the start, and we will get to talk to him for a full segment. via Pocket

Back in March, a tidbit of information seemed to have escaped the mainstream narrative, or has fallen off the radar mostly because of the source, WikiLeaks. via Pocket

September 18, 2017 marks an historic anniversary for the CBS Radio Network, 90 years. Correspondents Steve Kathan and Nick Young are here to take you on a journey through 90 flourishing years. via Pocket

From 911 to the flat earth! Tonight Rich covers it all with help from above! Yes Angel is back after his encounter with IRMA the hurricane. via Pocket

In June of 2011, we were the first radio show to actually report that there were several declassified documents that were released that actually validated the mysterious military base known as Area 51. via Pocket
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