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Here’s a humorous take on how optimists differ from pessimists. via Pocket

“A cool wind” or “a wind that brings good health” is sometimes called a doctor, such as the Freemantle Doctor of Western Australia. A barber wind is a harsh wind so cold and wet it can freeze a person’s hair and beard. http://waywordradio. via Pocket

Brickfielder, Simoom, and Haboob are all types of winds. Others include snow eater and chinook. via Pocket

A thesaurus, a collection of synonyms, derives from the Latin word thesaurus, or literally, “treasury.” http://waywordradio. via Pocket

Jessica Goodfellow spent several weeks as an artist-in-residence at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska while finishing her latest book, Whiteout. via Pocket

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has been swapping out letters on Broadway marquees to create the names of entirely new theatrical productions. via Pocket

The cloth case for a pillow is variously known as a pillowcase, a pillow slip, or a pillow cover. via Pocket

Why do we call a frankfurter a “hot dog”? It seems an unsettling 19th-century rumor is to blame. Also, if someone quits something abruptly, why do we say they quit “cold turkey”? This term’s roots may lie in the history of boxing. via Pocket

While some Christians and Jews struggle with religion and exotheology, Muslims are now coming forward to say that the Koran does not forbid a belief in extra-terrestrials. Some day if we meet our alien brothers, we may see ourselves in them. via Pocket

The way to the truth is through confirmation as disclosure not only includes a declaration by the Military Industrial Complex and the President that for 70 years, they have covered up UFO’s and aliens and have allowed the continued abduction and experiments to happen. via Pocket
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