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A few weeks ago; Easter Sunday to be exact, I had some time to spend with my step- son Liam and while we were at a friend’s home to enjoy an Easter Brunch, we relaxed and binge watched the TV show, Stranger Things. via Pocket https://ift.tt/2HOI3Aa

The future is certain if you utilize the Law of Contagion. The association of old warmongers and neo-con outlaws indicates the government now has been hijacked. The Deep State is now the criminal element, replete with middlemen that are undemocratic, high-handed, devious, and secretive. via Pocket https://ift.tt/2vzO6WT

DARPA is involved in a heavily-funded project to “enhance human ability in war zones, by altering the genetic code of their soldiers.” The aim is to achieve battlefield supremacy by making soldiers who lack empathy and are smarter, more focused, and much stronger than enemy counterparts. via Pocket https://ift.tt/2vruGmQ

Recent events like the Zuckerberg hearings, the Trump scandals, the bombing of Syria and the James Comey interview, have spiraled us into a deep chaos syndrome which is marking the decline of our Republic. Reversing the spiral will require understanding it. via Pocket https://ift.tt/2JNeQWR

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a quiz similar to the board game Tribond, in which the object is to figure out the bond that links three things. For example, what’s the common bond that links the words playground, trombone, and microscope? http://waywordradio.org via Pocket https://ift.tt/2EOqEUM

In The Prodigal Tongue, linguist Lynne Murphy recounts the story of a friend from the US who was confused when her physician inquired about her waterworks. In Britain, that’s a slang term for urinary tract. http://waywordradio.org via Pocket https://ift.tt/2JKQJI6

Martha shares a quote from author Madeleine L’Engle about how growing up means accepting vulnerability. http://waywordradio.org via Pocket https://ift.tt/2vkeJyK

In the US, if you step on a Lego, you scream bloody murder; in the UK, you step on a piece of Lego and scream blue murder. Also, in the US, you eat scrambled eggs; in the UK, it’s scrambled egg. http://waywordradio.org via Pocket https://ift.tt/2vpyuVR

Bert Vaux, the linguist whose data was the basis of the wildly popular New York Times Dialect Quiz, is collecting more data about American English, and invites you to take a survey. The answers will help inform a new app he’s working on. http://waywordradio.org via Pocket https://ift.tt/2EOvfXb

If you’re in England and want some cream cheese to go with your bagel, ask for Philadelphia. http://waywordradio.org via Pocket https://ift.tt/2HoNlVg
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