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General Motors won’t place any limits on compensation to those harmed in crashes by those faulty ignition switches. WTOP Reporter Mike Murillo has more. via Pocket

Accidental Kidnapping

Should a dad face charges after his car was stolen with his daughter inside? WWL’s Dave Cohen tells us that’s a question in New Orleans today. via Pocket

ISIS continues to march towards Baghdad, but what is really happening in the Middle East? Facts and fantasies are beginning to merge into a frighting reality as the ancient gods prepare to make a comeback. via Pocket

This World Cup aside, soccer is a notoriously low scoring game… Which explains the announcers’ excitement when players DO score. KCBS’s Doug Sovern in San Francisco rounds up the calls from around the globe. via Pocket

Even though Barack Obama’s approval ratings have taken a dip lately, there is still a large group of Americans that find themselves comfortable with the decisions and policies of Barack Obama. The Obama administration is sure that whatever they do the American people will remain complacent. via Pocket

Government is obviously composed of corrupt and greedy people, and therefore they are a legitimate object of criticism and constant exposure. Tonight on Ground Zero we show you why everyone is ‘FLUSHING THE MEMORY HOLE‘! via Pocket

The debate continues over exactly what the truth is behind the sightings of anomalous objects that are above the earth. Are they just advanced aircraft or are they something more? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis takes us on a trip to ‘THE ALIEN BASE AT POINT DUME‘! via Pocket

It looks as if we are about to go through a game reset. Everywhere you look, the global clock is on reset and we may find ourselves in the same situation. The reset could lead to upheaval. Tonight on Ground Zero it’s time for ‘REVOLUCIÓN PERMANENTE (THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION)‘! via Pocket

Packing Pastor

A pastor says he’ll keep packing his piece. KMOX reporter Fred Bodimer has the story. via Pocket

He who lives in a Glass House should throw no stones. Dick Cheney never really seemed to learn that lesson. Tonight on Ground Zero we walk into ‘THE GLASS HOUSE THAT DICK BUILT‘! via Pocket
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