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The sexual anatomy of the elusive Sasquatch has been a mystery for centuries. The lack of empirical evidence regarding the phallus dimensions of this legendary creature can make us only speculate. Well, one thing is for sure – the rumor about big feet and penis size is a bigger myth than Bigfoot. via Pocket

A German company is at the IFA trade show in Berlin where it is showing off a home security camera that uses artificial intelligence, sound recognition and facial recognition to distinguish between normal entry and residents and legitimate visitors vs. via Pocket

Sadly, the magical feeling of wonderment is lacking in the world today. via Pocket

Join Ufonaut as they welcome Dave Shock who’s the Project Coordinator for the “CubeSat for Disclosure” which is a project which promises to be a real game changer for ufology! Just think about this. via Pocket

MQTA S2 E75 – Pregnant wife goes in the have a baby and the husband has his hemorrhoids removed accidently…. Interesting road drawings and Candyland…. Looking for Loo- ove in all the wrong places and married by A Pasta!!! via Pocket

The Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has issued a proposed rule that would make it easier for “entrepreneurs of startup entities whose stay in the United States would provide a significant public benefit via Pocket

Tech Talk has some back to school advice when it comes to tablets and laptops. via Pocket

It is a possibility that our alien friends are like real humans; sort of an exo-pinocchio. We should prepare ourselves for the eventual disclosure of extra-terrestrial biological entities out there or those who have been able to adapt to the human lifestyle down here. via Pocket

A study by the National Cyber Security Alliance and Microsoft” reveals a ‘digital disconnect’ between parents and teens regarding teens’ online behaviors, experiences and resolving online issues. via Pocket

This all new live episode of The ZodWriter Show will feature a wide variety of topics being discussed from Suicide Squad to Ben-Hur; as well as a Special mention of PC Engine reproduction retailer PCEworks! via Pocket
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