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Joining Jesse, Chris, and Angel tonight is none other than Adrian Lee who will talk Paranormal & Ghosts. He is a art historian as well. Latest book…. via Pocket
We talk about something occurring beforehand, so why don’t we talk about something happening afterhand? Actually, afterhand goes all the way back to 15th-century English, even though it’s not that commonly used today. via Pocket
In Maryland and Virginia, bluebird weather is a brief period of warm weather in autumn. via Pocket
Sunny side up eggs sometime go by the name looking at you eggs, an apparent reference to how the yolk in the middle of the egg white makes them resemble eyes. via Pocket
A listener in Honolulu, Hawaii, wonders about an expression used by her husband’s grandmother, who was from Eastern Kentucky: He left so fast, that you could have played marbles on his coattails. via Pocket
A caller from New York City wonders about his grandmother’s use of the word says rather than said when she’s telling a story about something that happened in the past. It’s a form of the historical present tense that helps describe recounted or reported speech. via Pocket
Does the expression to harp on something, as in “to nag,” have anything to do with the stringed instrument one plays by plucking? Yes. As early as the 16th century to harp all of one string meant to keep playing the same single note monotonously. via Pocket
An attorney in El Centro, California, is bothered by the phrase a large amount of people, because the word amount is usually applied to mass nouns, not count nouns. There are exceptions, however. via Pocket
A Seattle, Washington, listener wants to know why, when marking time, we say One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, as opposed to other states or rivers. In the United Kingdom, they’re more likely to say hippopotamus. Some people count instead with the word banana, or Nevada, or one thousand one. via Pocket
A New Hampshire listener recalls that as a boy, when he talked friends within earshot of his mother and said referred to her as She, his mother would pipe up with She, being the cat’s mother. via Pocket
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