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There’s a plethora of theories surrounding the Illuminati as many conspiracy theorists believe they are “rulers of the planet. via Pocket

One of the biggest crime mysteries in the U.S. involved D.B. Cooper, who on November 24, 1971, jumped out of a commercial airliner with a parachute and $200,000 in cash. Interestingly, Clyde Lewis may have worked with this enigmatic legend known as “Wolfgang Gossett. via Pocket

As the science of DNA profiling has advanced exponentially over the past decade, ethical and legal concerns have grown exceedingly. via Pocket

We are watching helplessly as a minority is seizing the social agenda of the USA. Furthermore, Americans are becoming more divided on issues and we are beginning to see the rise of collectivism within the country. via Pocket

There’s a dark, mysterious and controversial video game called Sad Satan. It’s full of subliminal imagery with regard to pedophiles and grotesque graphics. via Pocket

Retired General Wesley Clark has recently advocated rounding up “radicalized” Americans and putting them in detention camps based on what they think or express in public with regard to loyalty or even questioning policies of the U.S. Government. via Pocket

Plantronics has released BackBeat Sense, new wireless headphones that has “smart sensor” that pause the music when you disconnect them from your phone, saving battery life. They charge via a MicroUSB port and get up to 18 hours of music on a charge, according to the company. via Pocket

This evening on Ground Zero, Clyde talks with Becky Snyder who found what appears to be an alien skull from Lake Michigan. Also on tonight’s show is Bill Konkolesky, MUFON Director for the state of Michigan. Listen to tonight’s riveting show, ‘GRAY’S ANATOMY!’ via Pocket

Green Electronics, a California company, is fighting it home state’s drought with a sprinkler controller that connects to the national weather service to deliver just the right amount of water to your lawn or garden. via Pocket

Some of the world’s most powerful men congregate annually in July to a conclave in the woods known as the Bohemian Grove. There’s much speculation as to what goes on within the confines of this elite retreat. via Pocket
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