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Join us tonight, for a triple celebration: Memorial Day, show #300, and of course, Christopher Garetano, director of the seminal Montauk Chronicles. It’s going to be epic. via Pocket

MQTA S2 E57…. The one who smelt it dealt it!!….. Can men have Periods??…… What a way to study SEX….. And….. Meet Martin Dustdevils!!! via Pocket

There’s been much speculation about Project Blue Beam technology over the years, which supposedly is going to be used to simulate the second coming of a messianic figure and a possible alien invasion. via Pocket

The rise of political sectarianism is on the rise in the U.S. and is rearing it’s ugly and divisive head in our Presidential debates and rallies. It is becoming obvious that this whole social experiment is about cults of personality, not principles, or even peace. via Pocket

Join Angel & Alan tonight as they welcome Chris Brown to Skywatchers Radio! No wait not that Chris Brown! But UFO Witness Chris Brown. Chris says the orb gave him insight into UFO and crop circle technology… via Pocket

MQTA S2 E56…. An eight year old gets something special for his birthday!! ….. Be careful of what your dog picks up on the Beach….. Head on over to Hull in England to become a piece of art…. And also this episode — Learn how entertaining Adrian’s Art Lectures can be…. via Pocket

Big Brother is extending it’s control upon the populace through the promotion of slick marketing propaganda about the plethora of benefits regarding RFID chips in children. via Pocket

Joining Angel, Crystal, and Alan tonight is Jennifer Scelsi & Kevin Malek! Jennifer Scelsi is the lead Psychic Medium & resident Demonologist for the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society. She is also the Wisconsin representative for the Praesidium Warriors of St. via Pocket

It appears the Cold War has been resurrected with the help of our Project Mockingbird media and NATO’s posturing against Russia. Are we on the verge of WWIII? On tonight’s show Clyde Lewis talks with whistleblower and former U.S. via Pocket

“Climate Change” proponents have surreptitiously created a new religion of intolerance regarding anyone questioning their perspective on anthropogenic global warming. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with creator of climateviewer. via Pocket
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