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Breaking News U.S. Edition The desperate evacuation of Saigon 100 choppers, 7,000 people, and 24 hours to get out: The largest helicopter airlift in history took off 40 years ago today. via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde Lewis considers the possibility that an extinction-level global credit crisis is looming on the horizon, and talks to Karl Denninger of Market Ticker, in ‘I HAVE BECOME DEBT THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS.’ via Pocket

Tonight Clyde Lewis discusses the militarization of the police, the hostile atmosphere it fosters, and how it makes us less safe, in ‘APPLECORE BALTIMORE.’ via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde Lewis talks about recent seismic events, including the earthquake in Nepal and the volcanic explosion in Chile, exploring possible causal agents, in ‘EXTINCTION PROTOCOL: I HAVE BECOME DEATH.’ http://www. via Pocket

Dog Arrest

A police officer in Snowflake, Arizona is raising eyebrows after he threatened to arrest a woman’s dog. KFYI’s Valerie Paraso reports. via Pocket

GMOs on your dinner plate AND in your womb? Tonight, Clyde Lewis talks about recent experiments in China involving the genetic engineering of human embryos, in ‘GENETICALLY MODIFIED HUMAN AFFAIRS.’ http://www. via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde Lewis talks about floating cities, pixels in the skyline, and other glitches in the matrix that have been observed by people over the last several years, in ‘SKYCEPTION: TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.’ http://www. via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde Lewis explores the ways in which humans express themselves subconsciously, and brings back David Oates to the program to demonstrate Reverse Speech analysis, in ‘BACK WORDS: SPEAKING IN TONGUES.’ http://www. via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde Lewis talks to Bill Birnes of (UFO Magazine and “UFO Hunters”), exploring the lore and searching for truth behind the rumored existence of interdimensional portals in Iraq and Yemen, in ‘THE STARGATE EPOCH: SHADRACH, MESHACH, AND ABEDNEGO.’ via Pocket
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