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The first week of November marks the United States’ first National Media Literacy Week. It’s been celebrated in Canada for 10 years. via Pocket

Since the modern era of UFOs, there have been songs about the mysteries of flying saucers and aliens – some scary and some silly. Many of these musicians were known for their one hit of fame, as they drifted along in obscurity. via Pocket

T-Mobile brags that it’s the “uncarrier” but, historically, it’s also been a weak competitor to Verizon and AT&T because of limited coverage. However, CNET News reports that it’s doubling its high-speed network and improving coverage. via Pocket

Throughout history, most cultures have been fearful of dark creatures or shadowy figures, lurking under the bed at night or in the deep recesses of their minds. Are these entities real or imagined? On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with paranormal researchers and authors Marie D. via Pocket

Well originally tonight Angel, Alan, and Crystal were going to have on Joanne Summerscales to talk about her website which may or may not have been hacked after a previous show she did live on her site. via Pocket

Everyone with a home broadband connection has a router either as a stand alone box or integrated with whatever device their Internet service provider installed. And these routers have user names and passwords which are sometimes very easy to guess. via Pocket

An exorcism will be televised and conducted by Archbishop James Long and the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. They’ll be mounting a spiritual assault against Satan but some experts are skeptical of their intentions. via Pocket

published on Instagram has a new app that lets you take a one-second video that plays over and over again via Pocket

Tech Talk tested out Microsoft’s new Surface Book and came away impressed. It’s a no-compromise high-end lightweight laptop that can convert into a tablet. via Pocket

Project Fi is Google’s new cellular service that accesses both Sprint and T-Mobile’s networks along with WiFi to connect your calls through whatever signal works best as the time. It currently works only with Google Nexus phones via Pocket
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