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The pilot episode of Notes from the Underground with host Debra Jayne East. She was set to have a guest on tonight but he was sadly a no show. So the pilot episode wrapped after 1 hour so this is a quick introduction into what the show will be about. via Pocket

MQTA S2 S47…. Really Bad Tattoo…. Alien Baby Community… Detox your no-no spot…. Don’t lose those KEYS!!! via Pocket

The Associated Press reports that the FBI is helping an Arkansas prosecutor break into the iPhone of murder suspects, raising the questions as to how many cases like this will emerge and who else can break into iPhones. via Pocket

There appears to be a fragmenting of society accompanied by mass hysteria. This can arguably be the product of planned trauma conducted by powerful individuals grooming the world into accepting the rule of Baal personified or the Antichrist. via Pocket

Join Crystal, Alan, and Chris as they welcome “Bryan Bowden, Bill Forte, and Al Santariga” to talk about all things from ufology to Bigfoot, Psychic, and ghosts! Al Santariga [bio] Founder, Global Executive Director Investigations I’m just a regular guy married to my best friend for 28 years. via Pocket

Waze, the Google owned navigation app is rolling out a version that will let you know if you’re speeding. CBS News Tech Analyst Larry Magid, who admits that he’s gotten a speeding ticket or two, welcomes the new feature. via Pocket

Various forms of torture by law enforcement and within our prison system appears to be justified as a means to deal with the populace in a “non-lethal” way. However, these electronic weapons have the capacity to be quite deadly. via Pocket

Larry Magid spent an afternoon flying over Paris and under its famous bridges, confronting a dinosaur and standing near the edge of the roof of a tall building. But none of it was real. He was trying out the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. via Pocket

Snapchat has improved is chat feature letting people go back and forth between text, audio and video. Thanks to the new features CBS’ News Tech Analyst Larry Magid, who’s a bit older than the company’s typical users, it finding it a lot of fun. via Pocket

In February 1947, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd was in charge of a massive operation in the Arctic that was called Operation Highjump. via Pocket
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