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Tonight, Clyde talks about the media-sanctioned and instigated purge of public rage happening in Ferguson, and interviews Mike Smith of Film the Police Portland about his recent experiences with the protestors there. via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde talks to Adam Gorightly, author of Caught in the Crossfire: Kerry Thornley, Lee Oswald, and the Garrison Investigation, about the connections between President Kennedy’s alleged assassin and Thornley, the father of Discordianism, in ‘A TALE OF TWO OSWALDS.’ http://www. via Pocket

Tonight, as we near the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, Clyde speaks with Lee Harvey Oswald’s former lover, Judyth Vary Baker, author of Me & Lee, in ‘LEE.’ via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde asks bestselling author and Christian apologist Cris Putnam the question that’s on everybody’s lips: ‘IS THE POPE CATHOLIC?’ via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde examines the rumors that the Russians have launched a secret space war against Western satellites in ‘SPUTNIK II: NEW RUSSIAN DEATH STAR.’ via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde explores the Egyptian and apocalyptic imagery connected to the Rosetta Filae probe that landed on comet 67p with the ‘WORMWOOD CONSPIRACY.’ via Pocket

The International Bullying Prevention Association annual conference is underway in San Diego where researches told attendees that cyberbulllying, while potentially severe, is less prevalent than physical bullying. Tech Talk spoke with the Association president, Roger Dinwiddie via Pocket

Tonight, Clyde talks to Richard Sauder about the secret world beneath our feet in ‘UNDERGROUND COLLECTIVE.’ via Pocket
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